Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rest, Sleep, Naps, etc

Babies need sleep, so do HS athletes!

With all of the hard training we have been doing, plus the stress of the end of the year, the importance of sleep has increased.  A lovely blog post by Coach Whitenack directed me to this link, Sleep in More Important..... which I strongly suggest you all read.

Not Coach Sep, just a random stock image
If you train hard, eat right, stay hydrated, and then cut back on the sleep, it is like pouring a bucket of water into the desert, or as my dad would say, like "pissing in the ocean!"  Meaning, you are just wasting everything that you do if you don't get some sleep.  All the training in the training in the world will not make a difference if you don't get consistent solid sleep.  Sleep allows all that training and nutrition and good stuff to soak in.  It is when you grow stronger, when your cells regenerate, when your brain re-charges.

So, go to bed early, without an iPad in front of you.  Read a book, listen to relaxing music, but make sure to close your eyes and lie down!  Do whatever you can to get good sleep.  If you are racing late on Saturday and you want to sleep in, talk to me about it and we can try and make some arrangements.

Remember, sleep is more important than nutrition and hydration!  Get your beauty rest in!


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