Saturday, May 12, 2012

Uniform and Warm Ups

Monday is the last day of practice for anyone who is not competing at State this weekend.  If that is you, you need to turn in your uniform on Monday, at the track, to me or Coach Bowman.  We gave every athlete a uniform, and 95% of athletes brand new warm-ups.  Those need to be returned to the coaching staff on Monday afternoon, at the track.  Come right down after school, hand it over to Bowman or myself, and we will be all set.  We will not be meeting in the team room, unless the weather is really bad, so Monday afternoon, come right down to the track.  (Is anyone still reading not clear when and where uniform turn in is?)

These uniforms need to be washed, and they need to be complete.  If coaches determine that there are damages on the uniform that account for more than normal "wear and tear", you will be charged for them.

State Meet week is a very busy week for coaches.  Monday is uniform turn-in day.  If we do not see you Monday, your name will be sent over to administration Tuesday morning and they will be collecting a hefty fee from you.  We cannot spend this important week of preparation "tracking" down uniforms, so we will simply let the administration take care of it.

Seniors need to turn in their uniforms as well. While you might think it is cool to have a Chaparral speed-suit; rocking that the first day on the collegiate quad really brands you as a major loser, trust me.

Again, these uniforms are very expensive and very valuable to us.  We do not want to purchase new uniforms every year, we would rather use that money elsewhere, for more pressing needs.



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