Friday, May 11, 2012

League Champs First Day

Bacon, Goose, Kiwi, Kay-dolph -- Boys Cont. League 4x8 Champs!

Great first day at League Champs yesterday.  Out of a possible five events scored, we got 20 points, due to two first place finishes.  The boys 4x8 (above) were League Champions, as well as Curtis Ray in the Long Jump.  Curtis flew over 23 feet, not only becoming a League Champion, but also cementing his status in the entire State!  Excellent job Curtis!!

Other exemplary performances included Alleah vaulting 6-2, Curtis qualifying in the 200 finals, Dominic running to 5th place in the two mile, Julia running to 6th place in the two mile, the girls 4x8 and the girls sprint medley running to 6th place and Olivia and Gavin qualifying for both the 100 and 200 finals.  Tomorrow should be a busy day for us!

A couple of requests/reminders:  If you have a uniform/warm-up, and you are done competing, please, please, please, turn it in to me as soon as you can.  The worst part about coaching track is "tracking" down uniforms after the season is over.  Our uniforms and warm-ups are very expensive to replace, so please give them back to me as soon as you can.

If there are any extra parents at the meet on Saturday, and they want front row seats to the meet, come up and ask me if we need any help.  While we have the majority of positions filled, there always seem to be some extra jobs that we didn't anticipate popping up.  In order for the meet to run smoothly, the behind-the-scenes volunteers are essential, so the more the better!

While it might seem there is a lot of "dead time" on the track, that is by design.  Athletes and coaches need that "dead time" to get ready for upcoming events.  Coaches have assigned athletes to events based on the time schedule.  The officials will not run races ahead of the published schedule.  While running ahead of schedule might make for a faster meet, it would not be beneficial for athletes.  And the reason we are having this meet is for the athletes, not for anyone else.  (Without those breaks on the track,  how could spectators get to the snack bar?!)

See you all tomorrow!


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