Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Day Recap

Great first day of practice yesterday, we had almost 80 kids out for the team, and all of them worked really hard at the drills we gave them.  Attendance went smoothly, running form drills were attacked with vigor and enthusiasm, and then the lunge routine was executed with focus even though the athletes were pretty tired.  All of the coaches were very pleased with yesterday's practice.

If any of your athletes woke up this morning complaining of soreness, that would be expected.  Even being active all summer long, working on specific running drills and exercises stress the muscles in ways they are not used too.  Don't worry, the soreness will go away in a couple days, as the muscles get used to the workouts and grow stronger.

I want to make sure every athletes is properly hydrating. Even though we had a cool overcast day yesterday, it will be sunny, and it will be hot for most of our practices.  Hydrating throughout the day, at practice, and especially at home after practice, is really important.  Dehydrating athletes end up sluggish, tired, and potentially injured.  Water, water, water!

Can't wait to meet everyone at the parent meeting on Wednesday afternoon.   5:00, Sierra cafeteria.  Bring questions!

Run Happy,
Coach SEP

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