Friday, August 24, 2012

Sierra vs Mesa Re-Cap

Let's start off the blog post with some awesome pics from yesterday, courtesy of Carla Gerome!

Start of the race, ignore the storm clouds in the back

Connor running past the road gate

Noah looking up the hill

Dani driving her knees

Addy focused on her competitors

Ashley's finishing kick

Coach Vamvakas recording results
What a great day it was yesterday.   The above pics tell you how hard all of our athletes worked yesterday.  Every day we work hard, and meet days are no exception. With over 250 athletes from Mesa and Sierra running, it made for a Tour de France like atmosphere!  I was so excited to see so many athletes and parents and coaches and members of the community out at Sierra cheering all the competitors on!  Even with a little bit of rain, and a few distant lightning bolts, the meet went as smoothly as it could have.  Many thanks go out to our parent volunteers, the Sierra coaching staff and Sierra athletic administration.

The overall results had Sierra winning the meet by 39 points.  The 8th graders from Sierra won both their races, while the 7th graders from Mesa won both their races.  In cross country, the low score wins.  You are assigned a point value based on your place, and with the 8-boys sweeping the gold silver and bronze, that propelled us to the win.  The 8-girls had an exciting conclusion was well, with two Eagles sprinting to the line, being separated by less than a second at the finish.

For the 7th graders, they learned a lot in their first race yesterday.  Even though they were nipped out by 8 total points for the overall win, I think they will bounce back next week with better racing tactics and expectations to be able to snag a win.

Below are the results for Eagles only.  We collect our athletes times and place, not our competitors. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Sierra 7 Boys Results

Sierra 7 Girls Results

Sierra 8 Boys Results

Sierra 8 Girls Results

Good work everyone, I am very proud of all of you!  With no one over 20 minutes for the first race, that shows our hard work is paying off!

Coach SEP

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Nina Beinhorn said...

Way to go Eagles! Sep, thanks for all the info - LOVE that you post results! Carla, really nice work - can I get a JPG for my scrapbook :)