Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sierra vs. Castle Rock Pics & Re-Cap

Before we get to the awesome pictures of the race a couple days ago, I just want to throw out a couple thoughts on how I think we raced as a team.

It was great to see the 7B & 7G teams get their first victories of the year.  I though those squads raced a lot better than they did last week, and it showed with decisive victories. The 8th graders ran great as well, as they went 2-0 on the year.

However, the coaches have cautioned the kids about thinking they are "all that and then some".  The coaches saw numerous things that could have been better (looking over the hills), that could be improved upon (form in the finishing kick), and as an entire team (getting out in the start).  We need to work on these things if we are to continue reaching our potential as racers.

But, enough with the criticism, let's look at some awesome pics from Carla Gerome and Kelaine Thompson.  (Carla and Kelaine, it looks like you could set up a website to make some cash off these, they are beautiful shots!)

Brayden staring down the competition

Cole striding out of the parking lot

Ella on the finishing straight

Josh surging to the finish

Kinsey off the ground!

Natalia fighting up the steep hill

Sierra 8th graders coming out of the parking lot

Sydeny running up with the boys at the start

7 Grade start, Sierra up front!

One more thing, early dimsisal from practice on Friday. 4:15!

Coach SEP

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