Thursday, August 16, 2012

SMS XC Update

What a great turnout at the meeting last night.  I copied 120 schedules and 120 agendas, and we ran out!  That is fantastic!  The schedule can be downloaded a couple posts below this one, the agenda can be found at the bottom of this post.

Big props to Mr. Stairs, our new Sierra AD.  I thought he did a great job with his opening presentation, what he said really is true, sportsmanship, character and integrity are held in high regard here at Sierra, we demand those qualities from all of our athletes.

Friday at practice, we are doing a mile time trial, then maintenance day!  Our course is a little bit overgrown, and we believe that if we can get all hands on deck for an hour, we can make the course pristine!  Make sure your athlete brings gloves, pulling thistle bare handed is not much fun.  If any parents want to come, with mowers, weed whackers, shovels, rakes; that would be fantastic.  The more people helping out with the course, the better it will be.  Thanks in advance.

In terms of nutrition, I have written a few times about how parents can help get kids to eat better, some guidelines for healthy eating, and how much and when to eat.  Feel free to click on those links and brush up.  Sometimes it is easy to fall into the habit of processed foods, when fresh healthy foods really are the best for your athlete.

And of course, water, water, water.  All day every day.  Simple.

Coach SEP

P.S.  Here is the agenda from last night, in case anyone missed it.

2012 XC Parent Meeting Agenda

Welcome & Coaches Introductions

Sierra Running Philosophy 

Build lifelong runners
Sierra XC alum are successful in academics and athletics at Chaparral
Run in college at CSU, Mines, Tulsa, U of Virginia, CU, Drury, U of Arizona, UNC-Greely, Air Force, Hastings, Montana St, U of Washington, etc
It’s about the journey, not the destination.
We don’t worry about wins, we worry about working hard every day
Run Happy Bracelets

Monthly Schedule (hand out copies)
Shortened Practices
Course Maintenance
Home & Away Meets 
District Championships

How A Meet Works -
Distance of Course
Home vs. Away
Scorers (1)
Chute (2)
Place Cards (2)
Timer (1)
Course Monitors (3-4)

Practice Protocol -
Attire (Adam & Nicole hold up examples)
Water & Nutrition
Water all day long, no energy drinks
Eat healthy foods with minimal ingredients
Parent Pick-Up (4:45-5:00)

5 km Race at Sierra
It’s up in the air as to whether it will happen, according to Mankin
More details to come in emails.

Post-Season Meet??
Still up in the air. More details to come as we find out.

Post-Season Banquet
The Wednesday after our last meet
More info will be forthcoming in emails

8 Dollar T-shirts

Coach/Parent Communication
After practice 
After meets
Not during practice, or during meets


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