Friday, August 17, 2012

Mile Time Trial Results

Over a deceptively difficult mile course I laid out at SMS (net gain of 25 feet, but the first third was downhill.  The last 2/3 were all uphill, gaining just over 55 feet in elevation), we held our mile time trial today.  The purpose of this time trail is to figure out true fitness of the athletes, so we can group them in appropriate groups for training over the next few days.  We had 101 kids running, so using an interval start, here are the final results.

A few quick thoughts on the results, as I have not really analyzed them yet.  Big props to Nick, Morgan, Ashley and Tad.  They won their respective age/gender groups.  With Tad running a 6:11 and leading the way, I expect big things from the squad this year.  I seem to recall seeing Tad at the track this summer, and I know Ashley did some summer work as well, so that goes to show that dedicated training really pays off.  And I am sure Nick and Morgan did not sit on their butts all summer either.  Excellent work by those four athletes.

Excellent work by all the athletes, I was commenting to a spectator that I saw maximal effort from everyone, and that is what I am looking for.  Times are irrelevant, especially on a mile XC course.  Effort is what counts, and getting better every day.  The coaches have noticed that we have improved so mucha s a team this week, imagine where we will be once we start racing for real!

Easy training this weekend, you all know your running homework assignments, and I can't wait to get back to some hard core running on Monday!

Great job everyone, you should be really proud of yourselves!

Coach SEP

P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped with cleaning up the course.  That is awesome, we will have the best course in the district yet again this year!!

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