Monday, October 29, 2012

1600 m Time Trial Results

Oct. 29 1600 m Time Trial Results

Quick thoughts/analysis:

Running cross country, as painful as it might had seemed for you middle distance kids, was huge for you.  The times on this chart are significantly better at this phase in your training than they have ever been in years past.   This is really fantastic, as this new mode of training, lots of hard speed work to make you all better MILERS, will demand a strong foundation.  Looks like XC gave that to you, and that is really awesome.

Huge turn out today, which made me really very happy.  I counted close to 50 kids come out, once I work on the roster, I will know much better.  The more kids we have, the better the team will be.  I have plenty of coaches willing to help, if we have the numbers, the coaches will coach you up.

If you did not run the time trial today, you will get a chance once you have taken your prescribed break.  If you are running this weekend for Parker Panthers, you will take a week off, then run the time trial.  If you are running NXMNXCNMSXC in New Mexico, then you will take your week off and runt he time trial.  The goal of this club is to turn everyone into awesome milers, or as awesome milers as they can be.  Taking times from a five km or a 400 m does not give me the level of specificity I need to turn you into awesome milers.

Great job today by everyone, looking forward to the distance run on wednesday.  Bring your labeled water bottles, I will carry them in the truck and follow you with them.


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