Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Winter Track Details

Here are some early details about the Gulo Gulo Winter Track Club.

If you are playing a winter sport (basketball, wrestling, swimming, etc.), then you do not have to participate in winter track to participate in spring track & field.  If you are not playing a winter sport at Chaparral, and you want to get ready for spring track & field, then this is the place for you.  This club is open to all athletes who are thinking about spring track & field, so spread the word.  The more kids we have training, the better team we will be overall!

Training starts with a meeting (and a mile time trial for the mid-distance and long-distance kids who did not practice the last week of cross country) on October 29th.  All the other disciplines (sprinting, jumping, vaulting, hurdling), will be starting their training after Thanksgiving.  These disciplines will be sprinting based, with one day a week to focus on their field disciplines.

All the coaches expect to see everyone at this first meeting on Oct. 29th, regardless of chosen discipline, down at the cube by the track.

The cost is going to be 75 dollars this winter.  This will include 2-3 days/week of direct coaching, a personalized training plan, and of course, a Gulo Gulo track club dry-fit T-shirt.

Gymnastics will be available again in January, open to 8th, 9th and 10th graders.  This is something the club does not pay for, but is well worth the money.  Many champions have come from our gymnastics program, it makes you stronger mentally and physically.

Training for the Winter Olympics
The club will be going on a paintball excursion in November or December.  The club will be able to cover 1/2 of that cost, but the remainder must be taken care of by the athlete.  Also, I am trying to set up a cross country ski excursion for this winter.  Ask Mackenzie H. how much fun she had four years ago, it sounds like hard work, but it really is a blast!

We are planning on attending some indoor meets this winter.  This will not be the focus of the club, but we will use these meets as tune-ups to keep our brains in race shape.  More details on these indoor meets as the schedule is set by USATF-Colorado.  The entry fees are on a per race basis, and are paid for by the athlete.

Finally, we are in the beginning stages of planning an out-of-state trip near the beginning of the spring season.  (California, Florida, Louisiana?) Athletes who want to compete in this meet will have to reach certain standards set by the meet committee to gain entry.  The best way to get fast enough to meet those standards is dedication in winter track.  The cost of the trip will be substantial, and while Gulu Gulo Track Club/CHS T&F will try to help out as much as we can (race entries, van rental, food), a good chunk of the costs (airfare, hotel) will have to be paid for by the individual athlete.

Coach Able is going to be starting up an "elite" wing of the Gulo Gulo track club in December.  This will involve going to CU-Boulder two nights a week to train with the collegians.  Invitation to this elite wing of the club will be based on attendance, attitude and aptitude.  This is a fantastic opportunity to take your training to that higher level.  Starting with the time trial mile, the coaches will be looking at athletes who we think can handle this intense level of training.  Show us that you belong in this elite wing, and we will put you there.

Gule Gulo insurance is covered by USATF, and you must be a current member of USATF in order to participate in the club.  Go to this link to sign up with USATF. Our USATF name is WOLVERINE TRACK & FIELD and our number is 32-0269. Remember, memberships expire on Dec. 31st, so make sure you are a member for the rest of this year and for next year!

On October 29th, all you need to bring with you is, the completed membership form found at the bottom of this post, a check for 75 dollars written out to: Brian Seppala - Bahamas Vacation Fund   Chaparral High School Track & Field, as well as gear to workout in if you are going to run the mile time trial mentioned above.  (Don't worry state qualifying XC runners, I will make sure you get that time trial in, but you will need a couple weeks rest first!)

More details coming later in the week as things get sorted out, stay tuned!



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Sep said...

I agree, having activities and games planned is important. 450 m repeats is a great activity, I believe.

Also, I think dressing as a cowboy would be perfect for Coach Harris. I am going to work on getting him that outfit.