Monday, October 22, 2012


While congratulations goes out to the boys CHS XC team for qualifying for State, most of you reading this blog are "in-between seasons".  With winter track starting up one week from now, this is what I want you to do during your week off.

Get healthy.  Coming down with a cold? Vitamin C it to death.  Do you have a little strain or nagging injury? Stretch, ice, and get it fixed.  Something more major?  See the trainer at the high school or go see a doctor. 

Catch up on grades.  Even though winter track is not grade-eligible, I do not want anyone in the club to be struggling in their grades.  Use this time after school without practice to get caught up on any grades that might have been suffering during XC season, or use it to get ahead in some classes.

Active rest.  If you are healthy, and you are going nuts from not running, then go for a couple easy slow 20 minute runs.  Or go for a mountain bike ride.  Or come to my house, and I will pack up Chloe for you and you can take her for a two hour trip to the playground. :)  Stay active, but avoid long intense draining workouts.

With next Monday being the mile time trial, I want everyone well recovered going into it.  This time trial is how we find our baseline for the beginning of winter.  And for you XC boys, we'll have a conversation and figure out a plan for you guys on Monday.

See you all in a week!


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