Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OverDistance Run

Today the Gulo gulo track club ran an overdistance workout today.  Heading north on Chambers Rd. the athletes were instructed to run at an easy conversational pace, then turn around between 30 and 45 minutes.  These over distance runs are key for any long distance racer, they build up all those tiny muscles in your legs that let you become a more efficient runner.  Coach Harris and I were very happy with how everyone ran, this is a great start to the season.

Here is the data:
Goose 95 minutes
Swiggy 95
Bacon 93
Kaleb 91
Austin D 91
Landon 83
Austin S 80
Dane 80
Emily 75
Kelly 75
Jill 75
Jenna 71
Molly 71
Ciara 70
Alex M 70
Whitney 70
Hanna 70
Patrick 68
Alex H 68
Caleb 64
Victor 64
James 64
Kiwi 45
Jessie 25
Chelsey 25

That's some excellent work there guys, keep it rolling at tomorrow's captains practice.  8 x 200 with a 200 m walk.  Eat it up!


Ed O'Neill (Jay) is just *killing* it on Modern Family tonight, I am laughing out loud!


Judy Anderson said...

Thanks coach. We were wondering what Travis, et al, could be doing `tween now & Nike.

Jeff A

Sep said...

No worries, I think it is a conservative plan that is easy to follow and will just keep their fitness up from the XC season. I wish I was going, that race is so much fun!