Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Florida News

T-minus 10 days until the Florida trip. Here are some thoughts running around my brain in preparation for the trip.

Here is our flight itinerary:

Leaving DIA Friday morning on SouthWest #647. The flight takes off at 7:40, we need kids at the SW ticket desk at 6:15. We land in Orlando at about one in the afternoon eastern time..
Leaving Orlando Sunday morning on SouthWest #1449. The flight takes off at 8:40, and lands at 10:50 mountain time.
**Athletes are responsible for their own rides to and from DIA.**

Here is a list of the athletes that have paid all of the fees for the trip, gotten in all their paperwork & medical forms, and therefore are eligible for League Relays this Saturday:

Mackenzie Hirsch
Jill Hanrahan
Zach Young
Travis Anderson
Whitney Schultz
Spencer Bills
Dominic Compoz
James Kadolph
Johnny Bacocvin

(Please let me know if you should be on this list. With all of the various checks coming in, there is a good possibility I gave your check to Mrs. Whipple, but did not mark it down on my end.)

Here is a picture explaining what events each athlete is competing in, the time the event is, and also the rooms they are in:

We are staying at the Fairfild Inn & Suite at Lake Buena Vista in The Maarriott Village in Orlando. The phone number there is 407-938-9001.

I do not want to put any cell phone numbers on the web, but if you need cell numbers of the three coaches/chaperones, you can email me and I will send them to you directly.

I am sure that I have missed something, and when I remember it, I will put it up on the blog too!


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