Sunday, March 10, 2013

Florida/Disney Packing List

I am so pumped to be headed for Florida this weekend. It is the first race of the season for us, and I have a good feeling we are going to really run well down there. I have been thinking about what to pack, and it's going to be pretty light.

This is by no means a complete list, but I do think it is an essential list. You should not need to check any bags, all of this should fit in a carry-on

CHAP uniform (top and bottom)
White undergarments
Racing Spikes (with spikes removed, just to be safe)
Racing Socks
Water Bottle
Toiletries in a clear ziploc baggie all in 2 oz containers
Bathing Suit
Nice clothes for Saturday dinner
Training Shorts
Plenty of extra socks and underwear
Cell Phone w/Charger
Wallet w/ID
Extra Cash

You will be issued a CHAP wind-suit tomorrow after practice to wear to the airports. We will be traveling as a team, so we will look like a team.

You get a carry on, so pack wisely. When we use to travel as a ski team, the most important thing to remember was footwear and uniform.  So, don't forget your de-spiked racing shoes and you brand new CHAP uniform!

Remember, the goal of traveling is to make it uneventful and easy. Make sure you do everything you can to make this trip as smooth as possible. .

Be the best version of yourself on this trip.  I heard John Calipari say this, and I love it. Just be the best version of yourself.


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