Monday, March 25, 2013

Three MInute Eggs

Scaling the small hill on the SMS XC course

What a great day for some three minute eggs this morning. The phone app thermometers read in the single digits, but by the time we left, it was 32 F and super sunny. It was a great day to run inthe snow!

We did 20 x 3 minute eggs, with almost all of the twenty or so athletes finishing every single one of them. The course was pretty tough, with a couple of ditch jumps, some pretty muddy corners, a lot of high stepping through the deep stuff, and the above hill that took out more runners than I could count.

I didn't think the athletes were laboring all that much, I think they easily could've done 10-15 more, and that is a very good sign. Rather than think that the workout was too easy, I think the athletes are just that much fitter and stronger and faster at this course of the season as compared to past years, and that bodes well for the rest of our competition season right into championship season.



RDW said...

Read your description of 3 min eggs, but unclear. Do they run 400m and stop or do they run a 400m course as many times as they can in 3 min?

Sep said...

They do a 400 m at a certain pace (I like to shoot for 80%) and then they rest. They run a new 400 m every three minutes. We shoot for twenty, an hours worth. It's easy at first, very hard by the end.