Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Schedule - April 1 to April 6

Our first week back to school after spring break is a weird week of training. Here it is, so you can stay organized.

Monday: We will be picking up the 10 km relay teams, and the distance kids will be doing Baby Kenyans w/ a twist. We will also be discussing team pictures. Meet in the team room as normal.

Tuesday: This is team picture day. After team pictures, we will be running the 10 km relay. Distance kids are done after that.

Wednesday: We are hosting a five team mega JV meet. I expect to do well in this meet, and this meet will also tell me who has been training over spring break and who has not. There might be some surprised runners in this JV meet, as the varsity meet on Friday has very high standards to get in. However, I expect everyone competing to do their best, and if you are not competing  we will need tons of athlete help to pull this meet off smoothly. No real workout for those varsity athletes, just helping out with the JV meet.

Thursday: Slingshots, hand-offs and starting blocks for everyone!

Friday: We are competing at ThunderRidge High School in the afternoon in an elite standards based meet. The dismissal time is 11:30 am, so make sure to get ahead of any school work you would miss. I will be posting exact line-ups and time schedules later in the week, but be ready to run fast against some really good competition on Friday. No official practice for JV kids, enjoy your day off!


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