Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Great Saturday Practice

Sub-freezing temperatures, snowy icy conditions, and a bit of a breeze from the northwest did not deter us this morning. The following athletes did six 4-minute intervals, with reducing rest in-between! Great job to Brenden, Nathan, Keagan, Ryan, Josh, Jonny, Cam, Alec, Caroline, Kendall, Matt and Hanna!

This was a great workout for us, because we did not run based on extrinsic factors, (watches, flags, coaches), but rather we ran based on intrinsic factors. All of the athletes decided they wanted to push themselves, and the certainly did. Sweat was spotted frozen on faces, hands were numb, teeth were uncontrollably chattering. But, the athletes pushed through the pain, and in doing so, put an extraordinary workout in the books!

Excellent job everyone, see you for the first day of official spring track practice this Monday!


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