Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Year Ago Today

As the title suggest, one year ago today, we had our first competition of the 2009 season. It was a a scrimmage, against Heritage HS and Littleton HS.

I kept the data from that scrimmage, and here is how we compare to last year. A plus next to your name means you ran that many seconds slower this year than last. A minus sign means you ran that much faster than last year.

Lake: +16
Heard: +33

Wojan: +35
Hine: +30
Waite: +10
Neilsen: +8
Mansfield: +42
Vargo: -5
Purdue: -5
Burt: -2
Bull: -18
Richards: -21
Heitmeier: -58

Purdue: -10
Burt: -5
Bull: -21
Richards: -28
Lake: +5
Hine: -3
Waite: -17
Heard: +12

Overall, some great improvements, but some slide-backs as well.

It is just as scrimmage, though, the real racing starts in a week!



Anonymous said...

Not too motivating.

Sep said...

Not designed to be motivating, designed to be informative, nothing more, nothing less.

Again, thanks for your advice, Mr./Mrs. Anonymous....

Quenton said...

That just seemed like a normal comment to me. It would motivate me to try harder if outside people thought I wasn't doing too well. Mr. Heitmeier congrats hugely tho you were great. and Mr. Purdue you impress us yet again. You'll be needed ;)

Anonymous said...

Last year was against other teams so times were faster.