Sunday, February 21, 2010

Important Points

Wow, the first day of practice is already upon us, welcome to the 2010 CHS Track and Field season!

Practices will begin, either at the bottom of the main stairs, or at the track bleachers right after school! We will not wait around for latecomers, so make sure to be early!

The intra-squad scrimmage that determines the line-ups for the League Relays will be on Friday afternoon. Using the top results from this scrimmage, the coaches will determine all of our relay teams for the following week. If your time does not get you onto a relay team, don't worry, the JV meet on the fifth of March will give you the opportunity to get a better result and work your way onto the varsity squad.

At the intra-squad scrimmage, all distance athletes that have been working with me are expected to compete in two distance events (800, 1600 or 3200) and at least one sprint event (100, 200, 400) for a total of three events. I do not believe there will be jumping/vaulting at the scrimmage; there will be "jump-offs" for those events later next week. All distance athletes must confer with me by Thursday as to what events they feel the strongest in.

The distance kids will not have practice on Saturday, it will be a long overdistance run on your own. (I figure that by running three events on Friday, you need an easy day Saturday!)

Uniforms, sweats and the like will be handed out to varsity and junior varsity athletes next week.

A s usual, I will be setting the line-ups for the all athletes (varsity and JV), in both individual events and relays for the meets. All winter long you raced in the events you wanted to race in, but now that changes. You are racing for the name on the front of your singlet, "CHAPARRAL" and that means you will do whatever it takes to get CHS as many points as possible. That usually means running events you are passionate about, but every once in a while, it means running events for the benefit of the team. Remember, we have always raced for our TEAM, and we will continue to do so. If athletes cannot understand that, we will find athletes who can.

So, now back to watching skier-cross qualifying. How boring! Bring on the nordic skiing!!!!


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