Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boulder Running Company

We have a new supporter of CHS running, the newest Boulder Running Company store on Arapahoe & I-25. Brock Quimby, the general manager, has graciously offered us a fantastic deal on shoes, spikes, clothing, orthotics, anything in the store for any member of CHS Track and Field.

Brock has put together a CHAP TRACK night on Feb. 25th, the night before our first scrimmage and a week before our first official meet. From 6-8 in the evening, there will be plenty of staff to help you get shoes, an Olympian to talk to about how to reach the highest level of your potential, free pizza and lemonade, and what I think is really cool, the chance to buy any racing, jumping, hurdling, vaulting, or throwing spike you can dream of. That is what sold us on the BRC.

Coach Maroney and I went to the store to check things out, and we discovered a dizzying array of high quality Nike, Adidas and Brooks track spikes. Brock has also assured us that if there is a certain spike that you want but they do not have the size or specific model, he can order it for us at a price much cheaper than you see online or in the catalogs. I know how difficult it is to find size 5 distance spikes, or size 15 throwing flats. Throw in the uncertainty of ordering online, without being able to handle or ask an expert about them beforehand; along with the potential delivery issues, and finding the perfect track spikes could become a daunting proposition. With this resource at our finger tips, you will be guaranteed the spikes that you want, without having to worry.

Good shoes are the most important piece of equipment you can have for track and field, and this is a great opportunity for us. So, if you need shoes, spikes, anything, hold off for a couple more weeks. Make your purchases on the 25th, and you will get the best equipment at the best prices around!



Anonymous said...

I'll be going to Runner's Roost

Sep said...

Even though the deals will be better at BRC, you are more than welcome to go to R.R. It is a free country.

On another note, I wonder what brings out the negativity when people communicate on the Internet?

Oh yeah, it's the anonymity! Way to hide behind it, Runner's Roost shopper! Good job!!!


Cabbage said...
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