Friday, February 12, 2010

Last Free Weekend

It's that time of year, time to celebrate your last Seppala-free weekend until June!

I would suggest celebrating it by doing an easy 15-20 min active recovery jog today, then by going on a super long, off-road run on Saturday. Go for at least 90 minutes, but go nice and easy, at pace that will seem easy at the beginning, but taxing at the end. Speed is not the stressor, time spent running is. Call up a buddy or two, and run together. (Or do what I did in high school, drag your father out on the bike and make him ride behind you, smoking a cigar, and telling all passerby that he is your coach and you are training for the Olympics!)

Good places to run for a long time include the Bluffs, the dirt roads out by Josh or Kendall's house, or a deserted golf course. Incorporate some hills into it, stretch extensively afterward, and you will have a great work-out!

Sunday is an easy 45 min aerobic run, and Monday afternoon, at the track, at three o'clock, I will be there to run you through some recovery intervals.

The plan for this upcoming week is still to be figured out. I have Parent/Teacher coferences Tuesday and Thursday, and I know we want to do some kind of fitness testing this week as well. I will talk to the other coaches, figure it all out, and check back again later this weekend to see exactly what the plan is for training.

Enjoy your Seppala (and BPA, I hope) free weekend!


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