Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 km Fundraiser

Every year, CHS Track & Field does a fundraiser during the season. Following tradition, we are doing the 10 km fundraiser. This is a great moneymaker for our program if each athlete does their part. The task is pretty simple, think of ten people to whom you could ask for a donation. Fill out their addresses on an envelope, and bring it back to the coaching staff by April 6th. Then, later in the season, we will run a 10 km relay race to justify the donations. That's all the athletes have to do, the coaches will do the rest. Simple, huh?

This fundraiser is important, because it allows us to get new equipment every year, to have the best looking uniforms and gear in the state. It allows us to purchase all of the recovery and nutritional supplements we provide. We also use this money to buy training and competition shoes for athletes who need them to preform at their highest level. In fact, 0% of this money goes to the coaches or the administration, it all goes back to the athlete.

Coach Hawk and I spent a good portion of tonight prepping the packets, and when we hand them out on Monday, please do your part and fill out the envelopes. We will explain in greater details how all this works, but it is a very important part of the T & F season. Bottom line is, this is a simple task for you to complete, and we hope that you will give back to the program that has given a lot to you by taking care of this.



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