Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three Minute Eggs

Today for practice, we did our traditional spring break Sierra MS workout, three minute eggs. We did 13 of them this year, through snow that was over 18 inches deep in some places! I was very psyched to see 15 kids at practice today, it is days like today that we get a leg up on the competition. Congrats to all who worked hard today, you all did a great job. Now, onto the fotografias!

Warming up in the parking lot

Water bottle shelf

Awaiting the start of the first interval

Heading into the first uphill with Otis the pace dog

Purdue and Vargo striding out the flats

The minivan pilot finishing fast

Vargo and Burt coming down the finishing straight

Rich, Bacovin and Young headed towards the finish

Awaiting the start of the the second to last one

Epic workout today, I was very pleased with everyone's effort. Good job all around!


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