Monday, March 15, 2010

Panther Invite Track Line-Ups

100 G: Grimm, Hughes
100 B: Ray, T.B.D.

200 G: Edginton, Yeager
200 B: Batt, Ray

400 G: Larsen, Yeager
400 B: Bills

800 G: Hine, Wojan
800 B: Burt, Bacovin

1600 G: Barringer, Hine
1600 B: Heitmier, Richards

3200 G: Heard, Nielsen
3200 B: Lake, Vargo

4 x 100 G: Sant/Vazquez/Hughes/Grimm
4 x 100 B: T.B.D.

4 x 200 G: Sant/Vazquez/Edginton/Wojan
4 x 200 B: Barringer/Whipple/Purdue/Petty

4 x 400 G: Scratch
4 x 400 B: Barringer/Bull/Petty/Batt

4 x 800 G: Heard/Mansfield/Neilsen/Barringer
4 x 800 B: Burt/Bills/Bull/Purdue

Check back later tonight for any updates in the 100 or the 4 x 100.



Anonymous said...

Why ain't that boy Curtis Doubet running? He is the real deal and has some incredible natural talent your team could use.

Brian Seppala said...

We would love to have Curtis out for the team! We are looking very good this year, but I am sure we could fins a spot for him somewhere. Psss this information along to him for me Anonymous.