Thursday, March 4, 2010

More League Relays Information

Below are the results form the jump-offs and throw-offs this week. These athletes will be competing in the field events at the League Relays.

Girls Discus
Costin, Karmac, Maisen, Krepinski

Girls Shot Put
Costin, Maisen, Karmac, Krepinski

Boys Shot Put
Austin, Callahan, Maisen, Bowman

Boys Discus
Austin, Maisen, Callahan, Bowman

Girls Long Jump
Follett, Hughes, Thorpe, Cottingham

Girls Triple Jump
Follett, Lindell, Cottingham, Barringer

Boys Long Jump
Whipple, McHenry, D. Miller, Reasoner

Boys Triple Jump
S. Bills, Helmuth, Thrasher, J. Bills

Girls High Jump
Follett, Grimm, Hughes, Lee

Boys High Jump
Brandes, Bills, Reasoner, Thrasher

Girls Pole Vault

Boys Pole Vault

Remember, uniform hand-out for varsity athletes it Friday, after practice. All other athletes get their uniforms today!


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