Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alumni News

Steven Busch, a Drury Panther, texted me yesterday, saying he had run a 9:24 in the 3000 m steeplechase, which provisionally qualifies him for D-II Nationals in Charlotte! Wow! That is fantastic!

Last week he also won his steeplechase race, you can read about it here:

In other news, Kirsten Lake ran a 2:17 open 800 yesterday for the Drake Bulldogs, which is a fantastic time, especially this early in the season, yay Kirsten!

Is there any other alumni news out there? Let me know!



Anonymous said...

Coach Seppala,

How do we know which meet our kids are running at this weekend? Just trying to plan for relatives coming in from out of town. Thanks. Marie

Brian Seppala said...

Sorry, everyone, (I have gotten a few requests on line-ups, all legitimate.) we are *still* waiting on Mullen to get back to us for their meet. As soon as we know who got into Mullen, then we can figure out everything else. As of Wednesday early morning though, still no word. Grrrr.....