Friday, April 23, 2010

Saturday's New Plans

With tomorrow's varsity meet being cancelled, we will be having practice instead to keep our legs fresh.

Practice will be at four o'clock, at the track, and we will be doing intervals that combine some tempo with with some pure speed work. It will be fun. :)

However, the boys four by eight team that was slated to run will be competing. Ryan will hand off to Brenden to Justin to Keagan. They will have to avoid the other athletes that are running their intervals, and splits will be gotten on all of them. From this run-off, the boys 4 x 8 team will be determined. Running this way, in more of a time trial fashion, will insure full speed, and not let the race unintentionally turn into a tactics race, a race with a 600 m jog followed a 200 m kick.

So, see everyone at the track at four tomorrow!


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