Monday, April 19, 2010

Triathlon Alumni News

Wow, CHS distance alums are really tearing it up on the college scene, in all areas!

Will Nabours, class of '07, state champ in the 4 x 800 that year, is up at CU, on their powerhouse triathlon team (You know, the swim/bike/run team.) They had their national championships this weekend down in Lubbock TX, and Will texted me to thank me for training him to handle adverse weather conditions. I guess it was raining so hard, the area was getting flooded. We never experienced flooding, but I remember that spring, we had some brutalweather days.

That did not deter CU, however, as they got three spots in the top 25 and won the overall national title! University of Colorado, national champs in the triathlon! Awesome!!

You can check out results on the link below, and you might want to scan down to 21st, where Will was the third man for the Buffs, which is fantastic. Great job, Will, I know how hard triathlon is, those are some impressive splits!


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