Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thoughts on Saturday's Run-Off

Today was a tough day for me, these run-offs always are. We have conducted them in the past, as we have the luxury of having a very strong and deep distance team, and even though it's a "good" problem to have, I really do hate it. I wish there was a way to get five or six man teams out on the track, our incredible depth would be winning us races left and right!

I want to commend JB and KV and BB for running so well this afternoon. JB and KV ran the fastest, they will be on the team with RB and NP, and BB will be running open events, keeping his edge as sharp as he can. All three of them are excellent runners, it is a shame that one had to come in third.

This week was a stressful week, with lots of drama, but I think we persevered and we will become a better team for it. In the words of Coach Laster, we need to D.Y.J. (Do Your Job) every day and things will work out for the best. We have the Freshman/Sophomore Championships on Wednesday, and the Rocky Mtn. Round-Up on Friday. Enjoy your easy day tomorrow, and we have a little bit of a practice schedule change this week (check the sidebar), so I'll see you after school Monday. We got two big meets, one big week of training, so let's work hard, focus on our roles & jobs, and make ourselves as fast as we can!


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