Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not an April One Joke

Even though this is a blog for distance runners, I am so excited about last night's development, I have decided it belongs out in cyberspace.

We put my 10 month old daughter to bed last night, and as of 6:40 this morning, she was still sleeping through. In other words, she finally had her first entire night of straight through sleeping!!! Not five hours, not eight, but close to twelve hours of sleep! Beth and I woke up this morning, looked at each other, realized Chloe had not woken up during the night, and almost broke out the champagne! We were so pumped, hopefully this develops into a habit and she starts getting good sleep every night. If you are a parent, you understand this was an AWESOME occurrence.

Yay Chloe!!!!!

Chloe and I cross-country skiing. She hits me like a jockey.

Chloe climbing on the monkey bars, pretty soon she won't need my help.

Chloe in the baby swing at the park, she can go for hours in this thing.


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