Monday, January 24, 2011

Karma on the Highway

Coming back from the race yesterday, Berthoud Pass was pretty sketchy. That didn't stop people from trying to pass one or two cars at a time on the way up though, which was not the safest thing to do. I can see passing on the straightaways, but sneaking by on the switchbacks, that's not cool. Plus, right at the top, as the lanes were merging, this giant white SUV with a "Southeast Motors" temporary plate tries to get around me. I had not choice but to slow down drastically and let him in, even though it was clear the lanes were merging. A little white knuckle driving for your author here, on top of a stressful drive to begin with.

On the way down the pass, once you reach Berthoud Falls, the switchbacks stop and the road opens up a bit. It was still very snow-packed and icy though, but that didn't stop an Audi A4 with skis on top from illegally passing bunches of cars in an effort to get to the highway before everyone. Just cutting people off, and then flying down the hill to Empire. Crazy, dangerous, and a little scary to watch.

I-70 was wide open though, no snow, no ice, perfect roads. There was a bit of traffic however, so it was only 65 miles an hour back to Denver. Cruising along, right after Floyd Hill, there the Audi A4 with skis on top, pulled over by a state trooper. Not even five minutes later, the white SUV with "Southeast Motors", pulled over by another state trooper. We had forgotten about those two maniacs, but there there were, about to get expensive tickets. I'm pretty sure stateys don't pull you over on the side of I-70 to give you a warning.

You know how you always wish there was a cop right there when someone drives like an idiot? Well, road trip karma caught up to these two drivers, it was pretty satisfying to see.


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