Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UNH Ski Coach Interview

My ski coach from my collegiate days, (and one of the most influential figures in my life) did a quick Q & A with FasterSkier.com.

This was what I thought was the most enlightening was the last paragraph, which I have reproduced here. (Emphasis mine.)

FS: How do you approach training with your skiers? It’s a big question, but are there certain aspects that you emphasize to your athletes in your overall philosophy?

CS: That’s definitely a big question. The best thing that any coach can do is to press for consistency for a full year. The second item of importance is on summer training. That is biggest increase in a skier’s training hours. You can come to practice during the school year and get it done with your team, but it’s also really important what you’re doing when no one is watching. What we have learned adapted for training is how we do ‘focus’. If it’s a volume week, we will do less intensity and up the hours; if its intensity, we get the sessions done. Back in the 80’s we would get our 4×4 workout in for the day, but also try to throw in an extra hour for distance. Now when we do speed sessions with our athletes, we do not tell them to go ski for two hours after that. It’s a day by day task, but we have learned how to improve that weekly focus. Again, with current day technology, we also have more resources- Professor Dain Roche used to ski for UNH, and now offers some valuable knowledge. We are always tweaking our program, seeing results and getting feedback from our skiers- how training feels for them, working with academics on top.

You can read the whole article at this link: Cory Schwartz Interview, and I encourage you to check it out, it gives a great perspective on making that jump from HS to college and how to be successful at it.


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