Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monday Circuit Workouts

On Monday, we move away from the distance aerobic running, and move into more speed work with strength. We will be doing JJ Circuits. These are done on the track, without watches, as hard as you can. The incorporate speed and strength into a single workout. (But we will be doing lunges and Myrtl routines afterwards, don't worry.) I like these workouts because, if done correctly, they are super efficient in terms of getting a high quality workout in that hits lots of different branches of training.

I would be remiss if I did not give Jay Johnson all the credit for devising these workouts, he is a great coach and here is a video of him showing us what will do Monday. Dress appropriately, we willbe out on the track no matter what!


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Coach Boymel said...

Sorry I will miss your 1st circuit training day. I don't want to expose the kids too soon to the weather. Enjoy and practice hard. You are not recreational runners you are High School Competitors, so do your best so in May we are ready to be the very best runners.