Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Shift in Training

Next week marks the end of our 6th week of training, we have about 18 weeks or so to the State Meet in May. We are going to shift the focus of our workouts. This upcoming week will have a mile time trial (and looking at the weather forecast, probably on Wednesday), FR/SPH gymnastics, and we will begin some tempo repeats. I am pretty sure Coach Marnoey will be around on Monday again to answer any gymnastics questions you might have, and let's hope this storm does not dump huge amounts of snow in Parker, that's just more shoveling for me!

I wish we could have had the time trial today, I did three laps at Wash. Park pushing Chloe in the CHS stroller this morning and it was beautiful. First 2.5 mi. lap in 8:43, 2nd in 7:28, and the third in 9:24. Not bad, even if it was a super flat Wash. Park!


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