Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Alaskans reading this are gonna laugh at us.

I want to bestow huge credit onto Justin Bills, Evan Roberts, Keagan Vargo and Nate Purdue. They were the four men that showed up for track practice today. The weather was bone chilling cold, but sunny, and no wind. The temperature started at 0.9 F at the start of practice, but had warmed up to 5 F by the end. Even with the cold, these guys were working so hard they were shedding layers left and right, with hats, gloves and coats scattered around the track by the end of practice.

Practice started by running a 4-lap warm-up, with form drills and dynamic stretching as part of the run. After they were loosened up, they strapped on the watches and did 5 gold kilometer repeats with 45 seconds of motionful (the opposite of motion less) rest between each one. I was very impressed with the excellent form and lightness all the boys exhibited throughout the repeats. Hips were forward, steps were light and quick, breathing was controlled and not labored. Upon finishing five repeats, the guys were cold and tired, but not exhausted, and not incapacitated. They executed this workout perfectly, which makes it all worthwhile.

I really thought everyone did a great job, regardless of the weather conditions. As the title to this post alludes, runners train in all sorts of weather, and in Alaska, the conditions today are probably considered a heat wave. (But, hey, Alaskans don't deal with training in 90 F at 5500 feet, do they?) For us, getting in these extra workouts, when a lot of your competitors are sitting at home waiting for a new infomercial to come on, is what separates champions from all the rest. Great job men, I am proud of all of you.

Now, some pictures with cheesy captions, to prove we were out there today.

Justin & Evan warming up on the unmarked track.

Keagan & Nate warming up. I had finally got the track shoveled.

Justin coming into the finish on his first repeat.

Evan doing a great job getting his hips forward.

A lonely runner in the distance.

Keagan and Nate rounding the church turn on their second repeat.

Justin exhibting great knee drive.

Evan, Keagan & Nate all finishing at the same time.

Justin walking back to the cube after his 5th repeat.

Nate heading into the cube after finishing up his repeats.

The temperature at the end of practice, with the humidity below it. I guess you will have to trust me that is 0.9 F at the start, the LCD screen on my thermometer was in and out until about 5 F!


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