Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sticking with the Plan

I used to work with a genius coach named Coach Laster, and we always had a saying... "Half the plan is sticking to it." Whenever an athlete would have a bad race, or a bad workout, and we wanted to change up our training schedule, our training philosophy, we always said, "Half the plan is sticking to it." This means, once you have come up with a plan of attack, have faith in it, believe in it. Don't try to take shortcuts, or make up for lost days. Just stick to your plan and things will work out in the end.

I think that pertains to this week due to the extreme cold weather we have been having. I am not sure how many of you trained on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I should assume all of you ran on your own, but I am not that naive. But, if you ran or not, you need to follow the prescribed workouts the rest of the week.

Today we have an easy 20 minute recovery run scheduled. Whether you did anything or not over our little "break", you should stick to the plan and go for a twenty minute recovery run today. Don't try to fit in intervals if you missed them yesterday, don't go for a long run today if you didn't on Tuesday. You have a long run tomorrow, and then an overdistance run Saturday. Stick to the plan, adjustments to make up for missed days only result in screwing up future days.

We do have FR/SPH gymnastics tonight, so I hope to see a lot of you there. Remember, take the workouts one at a time, do your absolute best for each workout, don't look ahead, and at the end of it all, it will all fall together for you.


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