Monday, February 14, 2011

Track & Field Party

In order to try and get the best Chaparral athletes we can get on the track team, the coaches have decided to throw a recruiting party. Posters were hung all over the school. Fliers were stuffed under windshield wipers. All the coaches strongly feel that track and field is the best sport in the school, we all believe we that we have a shot at state titles every year, and we know that all kids can be successful at track and field.

So, if you are interested in track & field but have never come out for the team, we would love to meet you. If you are already involved in track and field, and you have some friends who you know would be awesome at it, bring them to the party and get them exposed to the sport. What we want as coaches is for everyone to have a chance to learn about our great sport, and Monday night the 28th is the best way to do it.

Click on the flier, get the details, and we hope to see you there!


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