Friday, May 20, 2011

Reflections on State Track Day One

Reflections is certainly a good title for this post, as you were seeing reflections in puddles everywhere by the end of the day.  On the track, in the bleachers, on the mats.  The rain came down just as we were about to start our heat of the 4 x 4 relay, and it came down in buckets!  Lightning, thunder, torrential rain; we experienced it all under the cover of our Taj Mahal-esque tent.  When they finally postponed the meet, getting out of the parking lot was a disaster, and of course traffic was pretty rough too.  A tough end to a really successful day.

Because of this rain delay, the schedule got changed around quite a bit.  Updated schedules can be found here, at Coach Whitenack's site, as well as at the State CHSAA site.  Please check those schedules out, and if you have any questions, get in touch with one of your coaches.

Other than the monsoon, though, I would say it was a very successful day.  We had both throwers climb up onto the podium and we had all of our sprinters and sprint relays qualify for finals. The girls 4 x 800 ran a season best with that particular line-up, and the boys 4 x 800 won the 5A state title outright!  This win was achieved through a special combination of DEDICATION, TALENT and SACRIFICE.  All of the runners had been working on getting fast since Halloween.  The talent level was amazing, as each guy went under 2:00 on their leg.  The sacrifice shown was critical, as they committed to this race and to each other above all else.  I am very proud of this group, I feel that they deserved this win, and that they were truly the best 4 x 8 team in the State.

This win is a testament to the team culture we have built at CHS.  Without everyone chipping in, we would not have been on the top of the podium. Without Zach and Ryan, the two alternates who pushed and encouraged and cheered those guys in practice and races every day, we wouldn't have won this race.  Without all the JV runners, who brought so much to workouts and to the team that allowed them to reach their potential, we wouldn't have won this race.  Without Boymel and Jimmy and Harris and Dianne and Cory and Craig and Katie and Eric and Tom, who contributed in so many ways every single day to get these guys faster, stronger, tougher, we wouldn't have won this race.  Without the athletes families, who are truly the backbone of these these guys, we wouldn't have won this race.  Without the support and legacy the CHS alums have left, we wouldn't have won this race.

And I wouldn't have been able to contribute to this the way I do without my wife Beth, who for 8 months out of the year, supports, encourages and helps me in so many ways that allow me to do what I am truly passionate about.  She is my rudder, she keeps me on course and focused, she is the best friend/wife/mom anyone could have, and I am truly grateful to her.  Thanks doll.


P.S.  As the tradition goes, I get to take the 4 boys out to dinner anywhere they want to go, my treat.  We have been everywhere from Hooters to Vesta Dipping Grill.  So, Keagan, Justin, Johnny, Nate, you figure out what you want to eat, we'll figure out a date, and we'll do it!

P.P.S.  One more thing.  If anyone out there (Susan, Cheri, Karen, anyone...) has some pictures of not only the race yesterday, but of these guys racing at all this season, could you please send them to me?  I would love to have copies of them!  I'm gonna comb through the awesome CHS website, but if you have any "hidden" ones, I would love to see them.  Thanks!

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