Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekend Highlights

There is a lot of them, so hold on.....

Caleb Long being the Continental League 400m JV Champion at 55.7 seconds!

Kaleb R. and Brian S. throwing out huge PR's in the mile, 5:12 and 6:04.

Steven R. and Daniel G. running season bests in the two mile, at 12:04 and 14:14.

Keagan V. coming within 1.5 seconds of the school mile record with a 4:25.38.

Devan F. smashing the old school record by two seconds in the mile with a 5:18.81.

Bryce R. and Coleman H. running season bests in the two mile, at 11:09 and 10:53.

Kendall W. and Zach Y. just keep getting faster and faster in the half mile, running a 2:25 and a 2:01.

So do Kristin S. and Chelsea N, they ran 2:39 and 2:43 for season bests.

Finally, Nate P. had a break-out race, coming within 2/3 of a second of the longstanding half mile record, running a 1:55.86.

Excellent work form everyone over the past two days, now we gotta keep it running fast for League Champs!


P.S. Even if you are not running at League, you are welcome to attend practice all week.  Please bring your uniforms to Coach Hawk as soon as you can, but we want you to keep training and get you rolling into the summer if you wish.

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Anonymous said...

Huge congratulations to Devan F.! While I do not know you I am so excited for your accomplishment!! That record was set by an amazing athlete and chased after by several others. A friend told me a girl at Chaparral was posting fast times in the mile and I have been reading Sep's blog every Sunday since just waiting for her to break it. Congratulations Congratulations! And good luck to you all in the coming weeks!