Monday, May 23, 2011

Thoughts on State Meet Track Day Three

(Sorry these are a little late, I went to bed pretty late after a coaches celebration party....)

We wrapped up the Colorado State Track meet with fantastic weather, and some great results.  We had Gavin McHenry going top five in all three of his races, which put him on the podium in all of his races, an impressive feat indeed!  (So impressive, it got a scout from Stanford asking me LOTS of questions about him, very cool!)  We had Keagan racing in the mile, and running at ought race to finish just out of the podium spots.  And, in the highlight off the day for me, we had Brendon Austin absolutely nailing the shotput to come in an astounding fourth!  I am not a throws coach, although I pretend to be sometimes, so I will quote Coach Whitenack, who certainly does know a thing or two about putting the shot.

"I loved seeing Brendon Austin(Chaparral) throw the shot the most. Brendon is one of my favorite track athletes, because he had all the opportunity and temptation to solely pursue another sport (football), but did not. I honestly have no idea why. It's never come up in any conversation. I like to think it's because he likes to compete, and he'll take competition in any form, whether it be on the field or in the ring. I would also hope it's because of moments like he had on Saturday. Brendon started the day as a #13 seed, but ended in 4th because of a 4ft 8 3/4in PR throw. That is insane! He basically had a 10% improvement in the span of one throw. That might not sound like much, so for some perspective that is like a 100m runner slicing off 1.1 seconds in a race, a miler cutting off :27 seconds from there already fantastic 4:30, a high jumper reaching a height of 6 to 8in higher than they have previously seen, a 3 to 4ft PR in the triple jump, or a 1.5ft improvement in the boys pole vault. Simply amazing! As a former thrower I wish I had video, because the PR throw was a thing of beauty. Oh, and by the way, despite being a multi-sport athlete Brendon is still going to college to play football. He will be playing at an obscure little place called Stanford. Glad he could still put the pieces back together to slide in there."

Coach Whitenack, I couldn't have said it any better myself, I am so proud of Brendon, his accomplishments not just yesterday, but for the past four years deserve major respect.

As a boys team, we came in a tie for third overall, which I am very pleased with.  I would've been happy with 5th, so third is a real bonus.  I thought everything we did all year, including winter training, to extensive tempo running (in meets and in practice), and pure speed days; then mixing in a high level of discipline and team sacrifice; all of this contributed to our great showings at State, both for the men and women.  I am eager for a break, but I am eager to start it all up again.  I wish Coach Hawk the best, I think he is has been one of the most even-keeled and professional coaches I have ever met, so I want to build on his legacy and make this team even better next year.  We are losing some stud seniors, but we have some up-and-coming studs rapidly rising through the ranks.  That all starts during the summer.  If anyone wants a training plan, shoot me an email and Coach Boymel and I will formulate you one.  I want to start up Red Rocks again, I want to expand gymnastics, I want to go to summer camps, I want to make sure all of you have done the work necessary to have an even better season in 2012!

Enjoy your break, keep checking the blog every once in a while for random summer updates, and keep running!


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