Monday, April 1, 2013

ThunderRidge Elite Meet Schedule & Standards

This Friday we have been invited to an elite meet over at ThunderRidge HS. This is a new way of running meets, with only six teams invited, but all of the teams are very, very good. (Mullen, Broomfield, etc.) We are lucky to be invited to this meet, which is why I am so excited about going.

The schedule for the meet is below, as well as the minimum marks for entry. The meet director is being very strict about these marks, and I back him 100%. The first reason is we have limited time. It is not an all day meet, just a half day, and we need to get done before dark. So we can't have multiple heats of multiple events. The second reason is that this is an ELITE meet, and non-elite marks should not be allowed. I like this idea. Make the best race against the best, and if you are not the best, than you need to work hard to become the best.

Most of the entries are complete, but Coach Able and I will be working today after practice to round them out. We hope to have them ready by Tuesday at practice. If you do not run in an open event in on Friday, you will be expected to run in the mega-JV meet at our place on Wednesday. That meet will be very important for you, as it is your chance to try and get a fast time to qualify for the standards based Mullen meet next weekend. 


12:00   Weigh-Ins (Shot/Discus/Pole Vault)
12:30   Scratch Meeting
1:30     Girls 800m Sprint Medley        
1:35     Girls 3200m Relay                  
1:50     Boys 3200m Relay                  
2:00     Girls 100m Hurdles                 
2:10     Boys 110m Hurdles                 
2:20     Girls 100m Dash                     
2:25     Boys 100m Dash                     
2:30     Girls 4 X 200m Relay              
2:40     Boys 4 X 200m Relay             
2:45     Girls 1600m Run                     
2:55     Boys 1600m Run                    
3:05     Girls 4 X 100m Relay              
3:15     Boys 4 X 100m Relay             
3:25     Girls 400m Dash                     
3:45     Boys 400m Dash                     
3:45     Girls 300m Hurdles                 
3:55     Boys 300m Hurdles                 
4:05     Girls 800m Run                                   
4:15     Boys 800m Run                                  
4:20     Girls 200m Dash                     
4:25     Boys 200m Dash                     
4:30     Girls 3200m Run                     
4:45     Boys 3200m Run                    
5:00     Girls 4 X 400m Relay              
5:10     Boys 4 X 400m Relay             

1:00     Boys Long Jump                     
            Boys Pole Vault                                  
            Boys Discus                             
            Girls Triple Jump                    
            Girls High Jump                                  
            Girls Shot Put                         

3:00     Girls Long Jump                     
            Girls Pole Vault                      
            Girls Discus                 
            Boys Triple Jump        
            Boys High Jump                      
            Boys Shot Put  


BOYS:                                                                                     GIRLS

100:                             11.70                                                   100:                             13.75
200:                             24.25                                                   200:                             29.00
400:                             54.50                                                   400:                             65.00
800:                             2:12.00                                                800:                             2:40.00
1600:                           5:00.00                                                1600:                           5:55.00
3200:                           11:00.00                                              3200:                           13:00.00
110H:                           17.50                                                  100H:                           18.50
300H:                           47.00                                                  300H:                           52.00
HIGH JUMP:                5’8”                                                     HIGH JUMP:                4’8”
LONG JUMP:               19’6”                                                   LONG JUMP:               15’0”   
TRIPLE JUMP:             38’0”                                                  TRIPLE JUMP:              31’6”
POLE VAULT:              10’6”                                                   POLE VAULT              7’6”
SHOT PUT:                 38’0”                                                   SHOT PUT:                 28’6”               
DISCUS:                      105’0”                                                 DISCUS:                      80’0”


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