Sunday, January 17, 2010

CHS Swim & Dive Team "Sink or Swim" Meet

Every winter, the CHS Swim & Dive team puts on a fundraiser/competition at Grandview HS. It is their "Sink or Swim" meet, which pits CHS boys athletics teams against the CHS girls swim & dive team in a variety of relay races, dive-offs, and other really fun stuff. The boys track team was invited again this year, and I think we should make a big showing.

If you are running winter track for us (and you are a guy), please make plans to attend this Thursday night the 21st. The free pizza, (yes, I said free pizza) starts at six, and the competition starts at seven. I am not sure if I will be able to attend, but I encourage all of our boys to make the trip up to Grandview HS out on Arapahoe Rd. and help support the CHS girls swim & dive team. This is a great way to do the whole school spirit thing! :)

Bring a bathing suit and towel, as you will get wet, and please, NO RUNNING in the halls, we don't need any stitches in knees this year!!!


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Ryan said...

This math doesn't work: pizza at 6, compete at 7? That is hardly proper time to digest a meal and swim safely. RemembeR, "always wait and hour and a half after eating to swim".
Now that is some sportsmanship by the girls S&D team--fatten up the competition with pizza and then kick them around the pool for a while. Real sporty, ladies! :)