Saturday, January 16, 2010

MLK Weekend Plan (Distance Kids)

Good morning everyone,

I tried to send this to all the distance kids via text message yesterday morning, but some of you might not have gotten it.

As the sidebar says, yesterday was an easy active recovery day. 15 min. easy run, just to keep the muscles loose.

Today, Saturday, is a long over distance run. The pace should be easy, but not a walk, and you should push yourself by making it a loooooong run. Do not add to the difficulty by running fast, add to the stress by running an extra mile or two. Some great places in Parker to do this are out by Josh Lake's house, (those hilly dirt roads are ideal), Castlewood Canyon (be careful of some icy spots) or along the Cherry Creek Path (on the dirt, not the concrete). Just make sure you stretch really well afterwards, and get good and hydrated before you head out.

Sunday is an easy aerobic run, no more that 45 minutes, and Monday we will meet at the CHS track at 3:00 in the afternoon for some gold intervals.

Enjoy your long weekend, see you Monday!


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