Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Indoor Meet of 2010

I hung out with Coach Hawk yesterday, and we worked on prepping some stuff for the meet this upcoming Saturday. We will go over the details at practice, but here they are in written form.

There are two USATF meets this Saturday, one in Boulder and one in Golden. We have decided to attend the one in Golden, at the Colorado School of Mines fieldhouse. So, even though I might have told some people we are in Boulder this weekend, we are actually in Golden.

The order of the running events is as follows:
Start at 9:00
60 m Hurdles
60 m Dash
1500 m Run
400 m Dash
800 m Run
200 m Dash
3000 m Run
4 x 400 Relay

The order of the field events is so complicated I truly can't understand it. (Remember, I am just a simple distance coach!) However, I know they will start the field events at 8:30, and keep a rolling schedule throughout. I am sure more details will be posted at the meet.

There are seven overall classes, based on age, and we will be competing near the end of each event, as high school kids are in the older classes.

The entry fee is five dollars per event. Since we did not take any extra money for that with your club registration this year, the athlete is responsible for each entry fee. You may sign up for 4 events maximum, including field events and relays. The coaches will be registering you online prior to the meet, so your event choices and your money is due to Coach Hawk by Thursday, January 7th at the start of practice. If you miss that deadline, you can still compete, but day-of-race registration is 8 dollars, and a whole lot of hassle. :)

Uniforms should be something that you are comfortable racing in. You may wear singlets from other clubs or T-shirts from other races, that is fine. We encourage you to wear something with Chaparral on it, but the choice is up to you. There is no strict team uniform rule, other than the lack of jewelry and other typical CHSAA rules.

Speaking for the distance kids, I am "strongly encouraging" all you to sign up for the 1500 m race. This race will give the coaching staff the best available data on you in which to base your January training around. You may do the half mile, the quarter mile, or the 3000 m as well, but the 1500 should be the race you base your day around. I will not be able to hang around after the 1500 m race, but you are not restricted from racing those later races in addition to the 1500 m. Remember, it is a loooooooong season, and you just got off of three weeks of unstructured training. We have plenty of chances to race lots more times, so let's try and jump into the season with some restraint.

One last thing, I updated the left sidebar with the weekly practice schedules, the yearly meet schedule and my twitter feed. Hopefully these help with general communication for everyone. And, if you are on Twitter, follow ColoradoSep, I will be using that as well throughout the season.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your last day off before school starts!


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