Friday, January 8, 2010

Last Year at this Time

In Jan. 09, we attended the indoor meet at the Air Force Academy. This meet was actually 10 days later than the one we are heading to tomorrow, but I thought I would throw some results out at y'all. It was a 1600 m race, but I have converted the times down to 1500 m, what we are racing tomorrow.

JL - 4:42
KV - 4:43
NP - 4:49
BB - 4:49
CHe - 5:00
MI - 5:09
RB - 5:15
KW - 5:25
CHi - 5:27

I think those are some excellent times, but I also think all of you are in much better shape that you were a year ago. Even though we have not done any real speed work so far, I think you can all be better than those times Saturday. That should be your goal, to be run faster than you did one year ago, now that you have one more year of experience and milage under your legs. For those of you I don't have '09 data on, you should try and stay with people you have been running with all week, that would be a good goal for you.

Everyone running the 1500 tomorrow has XC background, of some form. So, don't be afraid of the distance, the 1500 really is a short race and you will knock it out in a super fast time!

Have a great active rest day today, get a good night's sleep, and see you tomorrow in Golden bright and early!


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