Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Morning Interval Data

Here is the data for 1/23/10, the Saturday morning interval session we completed.

In two weeks, we will do this again. For those that were here this week, we expect improvement. For those that did not make it, we expect participation!

Matty Ice: 917 x 1
HBarringer: 928 x 1
Jonny Bacon: 1009 x 1
Alec R: 1014 x 1
TBrost: 1037 x 1
Mark I: 1121 x 1
RBull: 1093 x 2
JLaker: 1121 x 3
KDub: 954 x 5
Company: 1121 x 5

This is an excellent start. As I said at practice, this is a very tough workout, and it is not ever going to be easy. A few athletes commented that it is more of a mental workout, you have to want to get to you mark, and I agree. With the short rest, the varying terrain, and the longer distance, these intervals are like no others. However, improvement is progression, and progression leads to a fitter athlete and faster times.

So, see you all at Meedema Park, 8:00 am, in two weeks!


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