Sunday, January 24, 2010

Medeema Park 43's in Pictures

Good afternoon.

Here are some pictures from yesterday's interval workout at Medeema Park, over by Coach Whitenack's house.

We did some stretching to start, ran through the intervals, then had a delicious post-workout meal at Einstein's Bagels.

We had about a dozen athletes there, hope to see a lot more next time!


Some yoga stretching after our warm-up jog.

Coach Whitenack leading the team through the stretching.

More side lunge stretching, the sun is barely up over the horizon!

The team rounding the first turn, with Lena and Otis in close pursuit.

Heading down the backstretch, about to run up the big hill.

Brenden and Josh sprinting down towards the finish marks.

With a short recovery, these intervals get really difficult really fast!

Otis is lining up Katelyn, Brenden and Josh for their 4th interval.

All done, picking up the cones!

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