Monday, January 11, 2010

Indoor Meet Results

Above is a copy of my results sheet, culled from my stopwatch, Coach Whitenack's stopwatch, and the official results sheet sent to us by the meet hosts. I tried to get as many accurate times as I could, but I am sure I missed a few. For that I apologize, but there will be plenty more meets to come.

Personally, I think the results are great, and even though I sound like a broken record this time of year, the fact that we have done zero speed work and zero technique work and are still achieving these great marks is very promising!

So, with this meet behind us, now is the time to settle in and get a good solid month of training underneath our belts. Meets are fun, but they are a lot more fun when you have done the work to get ready for them.

See you after school!



Anonymous said...

NATE NATE NATE NATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! champ of the world

Anonymous said...

the above comment has the nathan purdue stamp of approval.