Monday, May 3, 2010

Cherry Creek Invite Information

On Saturday, we are heading up to the world famous Stutler Bowl at Cherry Creek High School. First event is at 8:00 sharp, so we will be leaving early, I am betting around 6:15 or so. That's OK, as this will be a big time meet, one where we can get some super fast times.

Start times are a little funky, make sure to double check when you are running, and always pay attention to the track. They will run early if they can, so be ready to go at a moment's notice.

Let's cross our fingers that the weather and the timing system and whatever else has seemed cursed this year decides to reward our perseverance and diligence. Even if the weather is rough, fast times can still be run. Great athletes with great training, great form, and great mental toughness can beat anything anytime. And that is what we are, great athletes who have prepared better than anyone. I suggest we show everyone this weekend what we are all about!


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