Sunday, May 9, 2010

More Weekend Improvements!

There were so many athletes that set personal bests this weekend, I couldn't type them up. So, I just cut-and-pasted from my Excel files.

Set aside some time, this is a looooong list!



Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should rethink your female distance MVP? Your pick isn't even on the list!

Anonymous said...

So what if she didn't PR this time. She probably still gets us the most points out of the female distance runners.

Anonymous said...

CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obvious choice

Brian Seppala said...

Speaking of Caroline, I missed her personal best of a 5:24 in the mile this weekend! D'Oh!

So, TWO big races for CH, I know she will keep it rolling this week at League Champs!

Caroline Hine said...

Anonymous, Katelyn is most definitely the best choice for distance MVP!! She always races like a rockstar, and is a constant inspiration to me! I don't know anyone else who would deserve the award more than her and I would appreciate if you wouldn't put my teammate and good friend down like that. Thank you!

And thanks Sep I'm looking forward to this weekend hopefully we can all PR again!

Anonymous said...

did this ever get changed? Coach Seppala never said. Isn't Katleyn a sprinter?